only the beginning
20 stories and building
2019 Annual Report
Yoram Palti, Founder and Chief Technology Officer

There’s a particular energy at Novocure. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at our U.S. Operations Center in Portsmouth or at our Research and Development Center in Haifa, Israel, or meeting a colleague from the sales team at a meeting in Germany—you can feel it.

This energy originates, in part, from a collective drive toward innovation. From the first moment of Novocure’s founding to the many significant milestones in the last 20 years, this energy has been the source of the big moments and the micro moments that comprise the whole.

This unifying factor possessed by Novocure colleagues across the globe comes from a joy in building. We create from nothing every day because we can see a vision for the future. We start from countless blank slates in unchartered territories, moving forward even when it feels impossible. After years of work to complete an initiative and in our day-to-day challenges to find solutions, we start over.

This spirit is the hallmark of our company—a dichotomy of making significant progress and starting over at the same time. Even after 20 years of innovation after innovation and milestone after milestone moving forward on our mission, it is only the beginning.

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