championing the story
Katherine Tiku, Senior Director of Global Medical Affairs Publications
‘people started coming to us to help champion the story’

Acceptance of Tumor Treating Fields grows across the scientific community.

With increasing frequency over the last decade, Novocure was earning external validation of its science. Investigators, authors and conference organizers increasingly expressed interest in understanding Tumor Treating Fields. This rising acceptance and interest helped to amplify Novocure’s message.

“Our story never changed,” said Katherine Tiku, Senior Director of Global Medical Affairs Publications. “What we were saying on day one about electric fields’ ability to disrupt cancer cell division was the same story we were telling more than 10 years later. We gained a number of advocates along the way, but suddenly all our accomplishments added up into something bigger—and people started coming to us to help champion the story.”

Novocure saw examples of increased acceptance of Tumor Treating Fields across the global scientific community. There were notable publications in peer-reviewed journals, including JAMA, The Lancet Oncology and the Red Journal. Optune was recognized in clinical guidelines globally, including the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines in the U.S and equivalent guidelines in Europe, Japan and China.

“The best science is reproducible, and we didn’t have to retract or restate anything,” Katherine said. “As the community became more familiar with our data, authors began approaching us for input, conference organizers started inviting us to speak, and news outlets wanted to know more. Tumor Treating Fields had established itself, and we were gaining prestige and press in the scientific community.”