more than 14,000 patients
Lynn Oxenberg, an Optune patient
more than 14,000 patients

20 years of milestones and progress results in thousands of patients treated to date.

Novocure CEO Asaf Danziger remembers the early days of the company when he knew every patient by name. At the time, he went to the home of patients to help them start Novocure’s therapy. At night, when he wasn’t sleeping, he thought about each patient as a person and hoped for better outcomes.

Asaf Danziger, CEO (left) and Roman Pass, Supervisor Logistics Coordinators (right)

Today, with more than 14,000 patients treated to date, the human connection between Novocure and patients remains the same. Asaf said it took many parts coming together at the right moments to reach the milestone of treating 14,000-plus patients.

“It’s a huge machine,” Asaf said of Novocure’s business. “The goal is to build it in the same way—it doesn’t matter if it’s Tokyo, Nashville or Munich.”

He said he is proud of this milestone, and the fact that Novocure and its employees had the focus and drive to take it this far.

“I am lucky that there are very talented, passionate people working at Novocure,” Asaf said. “I really mean it. Without them, it isn’t going to happen.”

Whenever Novocure reaches a significant milestone, Asaf often says when addressing employees that it is only the beginning. In those moments of celebration, it’s as if those words signal a call to see something greater than what exists today. In his time at Novocure, Asaf has seen countless beginnings, with every moment building on the ones before.

“It’s a real thing right now,” he said. “It’s a real establishment. We built something strong and sustainable to move to the next level.”

Today, when he’s not sleeping at night, Asaf thinks about the number of people impacted by Novocure’s therapy—every patient and their family and friends. He thinks about the potential future indications and all of the people who may one day benefit from Novocure’s cancer treatment. He calls on Novocure employees to never lose sight of that and to keep moving forward.