excitement for the next opportunity
Danilo Conti, Associate Director of Device Support Specialists EMEA
excitement for the next opportunity

Geographical expansion adds an additional lever for growth.

Entering 2019, Novocure had established commercial operations in seven active markets: the U.S., Austria, Germany, Israel, Japan, Sweden and Switzerland. As proud as the team was of the progress made in these seven active markets, Novocure believed that a significant number of patients remained who could benefit from Optune but who could not yet access treatment. In late 2019, Novocure announced its expansion into France, Europe’s second most populous country.

Anne Calixte de Lembeye, one of Novocure’s newest employees, was hired to lead those efforts. She joined the team in January 2020 as the French country manager for two reasons: the innovation and the patients. “I really enjoy working to bring something new and different to patients that’s really needed,” Anne said.

Anne Calixte de Lembeye, Country Manager France

Energized by Novocure’s mission and vision, Anne started to educate key stakeholders, building awareness of Optune. Anne’s work is fueled positive feedback she received from the French scientific and medical communities.

“We are very enthusiastic about the opportunity,” Anne said. “It gives me a lot of energy to go as fast as we can to bring Tumor Treating Fields therapy to market in France.”

When asked what she hopes to achieve at Novocure, Anne said: “I will be very proud to put Optune on the French market for GBM first, and then I hope to do the same for other indications. I will be very proud doing that at an organization with a lot of tightness and cooperation between its people, and also one with a lot of patience.”